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What are the disadvantages of hot desking

Hot desking can come with some challenges. By actively creating strategies to mitigate these issues, companies can strive towards a balanced, productive, and comfortable work environment.
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What is Workplace Parking Software?

Workplace parking software is an invaluable tool for organizations looking to optimize their parking facilities, andreduce stress for employees By providing an efficient way to manage parking...
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What is the Desk Occupancy Rate in Public Sector organizations?

The desk occupancy rate in the public sector reflects desk utilization in government agencies. Factors like in-person interactions can influence rates...
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What is the Desk Occupancy Rate at Professional Services Companies

The professional services sector has a slightly higher than average rate of occupancy when compared to other office based businesses. We examine the factors that influence the desk occupancy rate.
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What is the Desk Occupancy Rate in Financial Services?

The desk occupancy rate in financial services reflects a significant underutilization of desks within the sector. Factors like office culture and work arrangements impact occupancy rates...
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What is the Desk Occupancy Rate in the Tech Sector?

The desk occupancy rate in the technology sector reflects a significant under-utilization of desks. Factors such as work arrangements and collaborative nature influence occupancy rates...
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How do i set up my office for hot desking?

Find out what makes a hot desk setup successful in an office. We outline a plan to assist your organisation in making the transition to a hybrid office with hot desking based workspaces.
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How much office space do I need per person?

How much office space do I need to provide per person? We look at the answer required here, taking into account the different kinds of spaces for offices and their definitions.
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What is wayfinding?

What is Wayfinding? It helps people navigate with visual cues & interactive maps. It improves productivity, reduces stress, enhances safety & accessibility, and creates positive visitor experiences.
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What percentage of offices are unoccupied?

What percentage of offices are unoccupied? We answer this by looking at the rate of desk usage in a day, as well as the percentage of an office floor plate which is used for working.
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How much does hot desking increase spatial efficiency?

Implementing hot-desking environments businesses can gain an additional 20-30% out of their spatial footprint. We take a look at what that means in terms of cost savings
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What is presence sensing technology?

Presence sensing technology is any combination of hardware and software that is used to determine where people are within a particular space...
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What are workplace analytics?

Workplace analytics are the data and insights pertaining to the usage of an organizations physical workplace...
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What is a CAFM?

A CAFM is a Computer Aided Facilities Management system. There is no hard definition around...
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What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a system of office organization in which employees are assigned desks and physical workspaces for temporary time periods...
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What is visitor management software?

Visitor management software are sets of tools designed for offices to be able to make the handling of visitors as smooth as possible...
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What is a hybrid workplace?

A hybrid workplace is a workplace where the majority of the employees work from home one or more days per week, but also attend the office one or more days per week...
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What is a desk to person ratio?

A desk to person ratio is the ratio of employees to available desks in a given office building or floor...
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What are zombie meetings?

Zombie meetings are meetings that have booked physical rooms, but have no attendees. In most offices it is common to...
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