What are workplace analytics?

Workplace analytics are the data and insights pertaining to the usage of an organizations physical workplace.

As information technology, cloud computing, and big data have become increasingly cost effective and popular, the role of data and analytics in organizations has gone from a fringe reporting function to a quintessential department, providing critical insights to senior management.

Futurist Ray Kurzweil, has built a career studying the accelerating pace of technological change. Kurzweil, who dubbed this phenomenon “The Law of Accelerating Returns” credits the ability for organizations to gain exponential returns from their investments to their ability to derive information and insights from their data. 

With real estate and physical infrastructure being amongst the top expenses for most organizations (typically just below staff salaries), companies seeking to accelerate their growth are increasingly looking for ways to measure the usage and return on these resources.

Workplace analytics can only be leveraged where an organization has the systems in place to capture their workplace’s data in a meaningful manner. For that reason, workplace management software, CAFMs, and digital twins are being increasingly relied on.