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How much money can hot desking save your company?

Ever wondered how much hot desking can save an organization on their commercial real estate rent?

Using data sourced from 176 cities around the world, we’ve built a calculator to assist you with calculating exactly that for your company. Just fill in the form on the right to find out how much your organization might be able to save.

How does hot desking reduce costs?

In a traditional office (one without working from home options), around 27% of desks are unoccupied throughout a given working day. This number increases to ~52% for the number of desks unoccupied at any given time in a day. 

In a hybrid workplace (in which it is common for employees to work from home several days a week)  this number can increase quite dramatically.In a traditional working environment, empty desks would be assigned to staff and would need to remain vacant throughout the week. By using hot-desking, companies can reduce the number of desks required to support the same number of people. This allows the business to reduce its required Net Internal Area and, in turn, to reduce the number of floors or buildings required for ordinary business operations. Businesses can also opt to keep the space, and as the company grows in headcount, delay the need to expand into additional floors, or open additional offices.

About the hot-desk savings calculator

Data has been sourced based on prime commercial real estate rental rates from 176 cities around the world. All data used is from 2022 and was converted to USD from local currencies based on the average exchange rate for the contemporaneous quarter. Calculations for spatial savings have been based on a per square metre, per employee rate. Spatial requirements and costs for working environments are inherently idiosyncratic; results are indicative only and may not reflect the actual rental savings of your organization.