Interactive office map and visual directory

OfficeMaps helps you keep track of who and what is where in your organisation with a visual representation on an interactive map of your business locations.

Find People

Especially when you don’t already know their name.

  • Build detailed staff profiles that include skills, where they sit, and what days they work
  • Search by location, department, skills, role….or anything you can think of
  • Identify working days and see who is available right now
  • Integrate with Active Directory on-premises
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Find colleagues by skills, role, or location on your interactive office floor plan.

Flexible Delivery

Deploy on your servers or host in the cloud.

OfficeMaps: map business locations to help staff see who and what is around them

Map your workplaces

To help staff see who and what is around them

  • Browse through physical locations, buildings and floors
  • See an interactive floor plan for each level
  • Pin the points of interest, from the board room to the water cooler
  • Search the people and resources at each location
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Highly Customisable

Collect as much or as little data as you need with an infinite number of user defined profile fields and multiple preferences.

OfficeMaps: quickly find available desks in your workplace on your own interactive office map

Know What’s available

Quickly find and manage available desks

  • Find all desks with no staff allocated in a building or floor
  • Allocate staff to desks and facilitate sharing with part-time or visiting staff
  • See staff availability – who is in the office, out of the office, working from home, on leave
  • Map and manage car parks
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Managing interactive workspaces for:

The way we work is changing … we’re no longer tied to the one office desk from 9 to 5. OfficeMaps was born from the desire to help organisations embrace flexible work practices and manage office space effectively, without compromising productivity or collaboration.James Sowry, Radix Software

How OfficeMaps Helps

OfficeMaps helps all staff find the people and things they need to get their job done. CXOs, office administrators and facilities managers can more effectively manage space and resources by visually bringing information on people, places and assets together in an interactive map of their office locations.

New Starters

OfficeMaps helps new starters navigate the workplace and find the answers to common first-day questions:

  • What is the team structure in the business
  • Who is the payroll manager and where do they sit
  • Where are the printers near me

Mobile workers

OfficeMaps helps mobile workers communicate their availability and access the facilities in each work site:

  • Which office has teleconference facilities I can use
  • Is there a desk available in head office tomorrow
  • Is the Project Manager working today


OfficeMaps helps managers make informed decisions to manage their people and resources effectively:

  • Who in my team is fluent in Chinese
  • When is the Sales Manager due to return
  • Can we accommodate new recruits