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Map your workplace
OfficeMaps office mapping desktop software

Office Mapping

Map workspaces to help employees' see who and what is around them in an interactive office floor plan.

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Wayfinding in an office

See who and what is around you

OfficeMaps is where the corporate directory and facility map meet, creating an interactive floor plan of people and resources available to the whole team.

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Browse through physical locations, buildings and floors
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See an interactive floor plan for each level
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Find meeting rooms, desks, printers… or any pin you drop on your office map
Find locations of offices

Single site to multi-national operations

Customizable location tree suits smaller organizations with a single floor, larger organizations with offices in multiple cities right through to multi-nations with multiple facilities across countries.

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Map office space by country, region, city and site
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Customize location types to match your business operations
Car Park Allocation Software

Allocate car parks

When your workplaces extend beyond the four walls of the office, use OfficeMaps to allocate and manage car park spaces.

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See a map of car parks
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View and manage which employees' use which parks
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Add cars to the car park to see who uses each space

Kiosk access

Ideal for hot-desking workspaces, OfficeMap’s kiosk interface enables employees' to assign themselves to assets (like desks or meeting rooms) for a designated period of time. Through a visual representation of the floor map, employees' can assign themselves to a space and record their departure after a specific time.

No-login guest access
Touch-screen friendly application
No Expensive, proprietary hardware required
OfficeMaps visual employee directory desktop software

Visual Directory

Build detailed people profiles in a visual directory of your organisations’ greatest asset.

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Build detailed employee profiles

Go beyond a simple directory containing only name and contact details by developing rich employee profiles including specific skills and roles, such as languages, industry experience or fire warden/first aid office status. Profiles are completely configurable to record the details that add the most value for your business and can include social media accounts.

Visual indicators of where people sit and what days they work
Record skills and duties such as first aid officers or fire wardens
Add field to record the information important for your organization

Search profiles from every angle

With a detail rich visual directory, OfficeMaps makes it easier than ever to answer questions like “Who is the first aid officer on this floor?’. Drill down by location or organization hierarchy, apply filters for specific profile fields, or use a flexible free text search.

Quickly find employees' with particular skills or attributes
List all employees' on a floor, a building or a region
Sort employees' by skills and attributes

Navigate your organization

Visualize how your organization is structured, both physically and hierarchically.

Browse the organization’s department structure
See who works for who and which departments they work in
Find where employees' sit, the days they work and if they are available now

Check Availability

With flexible work arrangements and part-time hours growing in popularity, OfficeMaps helps you know when colleagues are available and stop wasting time trying to contact colleagues who are not.

See real availability right now – who is in the office, out of the office, working from home or on leave
Identify which days employees' actually work
Check when people will return from leave

Mobile check-in

Flexibility and activity-based working goes hand-in-hand with mobility. The full functionality of OfficeMap’s mobile app is available in the Professional Edition to support your team to work when and where they will be most productive.

Check-in and out
Search and book spaces
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OfficeMaps office space management desktop software

Space Management

Knowing what space your workplace has available at a given time is a powerful tool in the efficient management of your company resources.

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Search desk availability in real-time

Visitors from another office, contractors and consultants can be directed to available workspace quickly when the office floor plan visually identifies vacant desks.

View all desks at any level of the location tree to see allocations and availability
Simple drag and drop interface helps administrators allocate people to available space
Make informed space management decisions by visualizing utilization on each floor plan

Meeting rooms

OfficeMaps helps fill the gap between the calendaring system used to book meeting rooms, and all the location and facilities information you need to make informed choices.

Find the meeting room that’s right for you based on location, capacity and facilities
Link through to in-house reservations system
Find booked meeting room locations to help you get to the right place on time

Manage space allocation

Transform cumbersome Excel spreadsheets and lists of people, assets, and facilities by allocating them to a physical space and creating a map-based view of company resources.

Drag and drop allocation of people, assets and facilities to their location on the map
Fully customizable facilities list to pin to floor plan locations

Maximize utilization of available workspaces

Whether you’re working in another office for a week, or making use of a stand-up desk space for a couple of hours, check the availability of workspaces and locate them on the floorplan.

Allow temporary desk allocations
Automatically make desks available when people are away
Find available desks, meeting rooms or any workspace asset by location

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