Creating a Visitor Sign-in System for your office

March 29, 2021
How to Create a Simple Visitor Sign in System for Workplace

There are a lot of complexities involved in running an office-based workplace, but one of the problems, which comes up all of the time, is how to manage visitors?

Whether it is for security reasons, or so that facilities know who is in the building in the event of a fire, or for contact tracing purposes, most offices need to have some sort of visitor management system in place.

We are going to show you how to build a simple visitor sign-in system using OfficeMaps, Zapier, and Google Forms. To follow along, you can use the written instructions below, or watch the Gifs as you scroll down the page.

How to create a visitor sign-in system for your workplace:

Creating the Visitor Sign-in Form

To create a google form you will need a google account. You can create one with your work email address or use a gmail account, either way it should be free to signup.

Create a Google Form for Visitor Sign-Ins.
Setting up the responses Spreadsheet for your Google Form
Sharing your Google Form with Visitor's so that they can sign in

Use a Google Form to trigger a Zapier workflow

If you do not have a Zapier account or have not linked it to your OfficeMaps account, you can read about creating one here.

If you do not have an OfficeMaps account, you can create a free account here.

Setting up your visitor sign-in trigger in Zapier

Create a Visitor in OfficeMaps

This will set up a user account in OfficeMaps for the person who fills in the form. By creating a user account for them, you can allow them to book resources, as well as usage reports and contact tracing reports.

Create a 24-Hour Delay for your Zap

Because our visitor is only a temporary guest, we don't want to provide them with a permanent account. So we are going to set a 24-hour delay and then disable their account.

Create a 24 Hour delay so that you can disable your visitor's access later.

This should work instantly while we are setting things up, however when the Zap is activated, this step will wait for the specified time.

Disable the Visitor's Access

In this step, we are going to disable the visitor's access. This will keep the user count of your OfficeMaps system down, and prevent the visitor from having unauthorised access at a later date.

Disabling a visitor's access to your workplace.

That's it. Your Zap is setup. Just click the On/Off toggle in the top left to turn the Zap on.

Your visitors can now sign themselves into your company by filling in the Google Form.

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