Visitor Sign-in Sheet Templates

Sign-in sheets are important in office workplaces for several in tracking the visitors, their purpose of visit, and time spent in the office. This is essential for maintaining a record for future reference, ensuring safety and security, and managing appointments and meetings efficiently.

Having a visitor sign-in sheet also helps in organizing the flow of visitors and ensuring a smooth and orderly operation. Overall, it is a useful tool that contributes to a well-organized and efficient office environment

Man using visitor sign in system at office
Visitor Sign in Sheet Template

Download a visitor sign-in sheet template for your office

Click on the links below to download a copy of our Visitor Sign in Sheet template in your desired format. The visitor sign-in sheet is available in PDF, Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets formats.

Download your visitor sign-in sheet PDF template below:

Download your visitor sign-in sheet Excel template below:

Download your visitor sign-in sheet Google Sheeets template below:

Need something more sophisticated?

Physical sign-in sheets, while useful, have several limitations that can be addressed by using office management software, like OfficeMaps:

Risk of Loss or Damage: Physical sign-in sheets can be misplaced, damaged, or become illegible, making reliable record-keeping a challenge.

Manual Entry: Filling out physical sheets is time-consuming and can be prone to human error, especially when transcribing information later.

Data Retrieval: Finding specific information on paper sheets can be cumbersome, requiring manual search through stacks of paper.

Limited Features: Physical sign-in sheets offer basic information tracking but lack advanced features like appointment scheduling or visitor notifications, which streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Digital Solution: Office management software eliminates the issues associated with physical sheets by offering easy and accurate digital data entry.

Instant Information Retrieval: With software, you can instantly search for and retrieve visitor information.

Secure Data Storage: Digital solutions offer secure and reliable storage options, making data easier to manage and protect.

To get all of the above features and improve your office sign-in processes you can sign-up to a free OfficeMaps trial here. You can also read our blog article about how to create a visitor sign-in system for you office.

How OfficeMaps helps you manage your workplace

OfficeMaps helps you find the people and things you need to get your job done. Click on the buttons below to see how OfficeMaps can help specific employees:

OfficeMaps helps managers make informed decisions to manage their people and resources effectively:

  • Who in my team is fluent in Japanese
  • When is the Sales Manager due to return
  • Can we accommodate new recruits

As the custodians of workforce productivity and wellbeing, HR managers need systems and processes to foster collaboration and employee satisfaction. OfficeMaps can help by:

  • Knowing where your employees are for health and safety monitoring
  • Gaining insights into workforce trends and metrics
  • Helping to increase workforce engagement and promoting a culture of trust

OfficeMaps allows IT workers the ability to help users make the most of their technology regardless of their location.

  • IT Services and resources can be shown visually on maps allowing users to self-service
  • Remote service desk employees can locate staff members wherever they are located to provide assistance
  • IT managers can better plan where to deploy services and resources based on space utilization

OfficeMaps helps remote workers communicate their availability and access the facilities in each work site:

  • Which office has teleconference facilities I can use
  • Is there a desk available in head office tomorrow
  • Is the project manager working today

Whether flexible work arrangements in your company means job-sharing, non-standard working hours or working from home, keeping the entire team productive means sharing accurate information on when and where individuals are available to work.

OfficeMaps helps support productivity in flexible workplaces by:

  • Identifying which days each individual is scheduled to work for this week and the next
  • Indicating whether each team member is available to be contacted
  • Facilitating sharing of physical office resources that may not be 100% utilized

OfficeMaps provides the tools to help office workers find exactly who and what they need at work.

  • When the company org chart doesn’t provide the detail needed to find the right person to get a job done, OfficeMaps provides a content rich visual directory that links the people, places and resources to their physical location
  • Understanding your immediate work environment is at the foundation of a safe and productive workplace. Office mapping helps you visualize who and what is around you in an interactive office floor plan
  • Once you know what’s where, the next challenge becomes identifying when specific resources (like desks and meeting rooms) are available. OfficeMaps can help you tackle space management by identifying available capacity and coordinating access to shared spaces

OfficeMaps helps new starters navigate the workplace and find the answers to common first-day questions:

  • What is the team structure of the business
  • Who is the payroll manager and where do they sit
  • Where are the printers near me

OfficeMaps supports new employee induction programs by:

  • Identifying their assigned desk on the interactive floor plan
  • Highlighting office amenities like emergency exists, printers, kitchens and bathroom facilities
  • Facilitating a self-service approach to familiarize themselves with the work environment – such as identifying the people around them or locating specific individuals by role or function
  • Illustrating the broader organization structure and their place in it