Staff Induction

New Staff Induction

Experts agree that a strong induction program for new employees is a key factor in high retention, satisfaction and ultimately productivity.

Addressing the orientation aspect of the induction program and empowering new staff with the tools to effectively find their own way in their new role can ease the transition into a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

OfficeMaps supports new staff induction programs by:

  • Identifying their assigned desk on the interactive floor plan
  • Highlighting office amenities like emergency exits, printers, kitchens and bathroom facilities
  • Facilitating a self-service approach to familiarise themselves with the work environment – such as identifying the people around them or locating specific individuals by role or function
  • Illustrating the broader organisation structure and their place in it.
OfficeMaps supports new staff induction programs by helping people orient themselves in their new work environment and providing the tools to be self sufficient.

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