Meeting Room Finder


Meeting Room Finder

You know you need a meeting room finder when you were supposed to be in “BR2.04” five minutes ago …. and there are five different meeting rooms on your floor of the building alone.

Similarly, trying to find a meeting room that has the capacity and facilities you need when the booking system simply lists uninformative room names makes for an inefficient and frustrating experience.

OfficeMaps can act as your meeting room finder by:

  • Profiling meeting room facilities in each office floor plan;
  • Making meeting room profiles searchable by any criteria;
  • Linking meeting room profiles to booking systems; and
  • Providing embeddable map links that can be added to meeting notices to help participants navigate to the meeting location.
A meeting room finder that helps you find and navigate to your company's meeting rooms

Make finding meeting rooms easier with OfficeMaps

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