Flexible Work Arrangements


Flexible Work Arrangements

In today’s workforce, ‘flexibility’ is becoming less of an exception, and more of the norm. Workers and employers alike have come to expect some degree of flexibility in the workplace in order to better accommodate family commitments, expanding customer service demands or multi-time zone operations.

Whether flexible work arrangements in your company means job-sharing, non-standard working hours or working from home, keeping the entire team productive means sharing accurate information on when and where individuals are available to work.

OfficeMaps helps support productivity in flexible workplaces by:

  • Identifying which days each individual is scheduled to work for this week and the next
  • Indicating whether each team member is available to be contacted
  • Facilitating sharing of physical office resources that may not be 100% utilised.
See working days this week and next plus current availability status

Embrace flexible work arrangements with OfficeMaps

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