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In order to help OfficeMaps clients onboard their own team members, we have developed a number of shareable documents that can be used to assist with training and change Management.


Free Trial Guide

When your trial begins, the software is preconfigured with maps, locations, people, and assets so you can explore and experiment. To get the most out of your free trial though there are four components we suggest configuring to personalize your experience: setting up a location tree, adding people, adding a map, and adding assets.

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OfficeMaps Solution Overview

This document is a comprehensive breakdown of how an OfficeMaps subscription works, to help you communicate the full solution to key decision makers in your organisation.

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OfficeMaps Printable Office Resources

This resource is a collection of printable slides that you could use as flyers around your office to communicate important features, changes, and notices relating to your new approach to workspace management. This includes pages such as a sanitizing station sign, locked work station sign, check in notice, meeting room occupancy, and more.

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Leaders Onboarding Workshop

Like all business transformation initiatives, there are several important considerations for the technical implementation and cultural change management. This presentation will help you communicate the onboarding process to leadership teams and department heads, and will go over OfficeMaps key features and terminology, decisions to be made and data to be collected, explain what needs configuring, and describe the launch process with change management considerations.

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Quick User Training Workshop

Interacting with OfficeMaps as a user day-to-day is a very simple, straight forward process. The user training is equally easy. This resource is a quick presentation that can act as a visual support when outlining the three main steps you may want your team to do when OfficeMaps is first introduced to your business: 1. Downloading the OfficeMaps App, 2. Logging on to the desktop OfficeMaps app, and 3. Finding help or tutorials with

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Onboarding Email Templates

The OfficeMaps onboarding email can be sent by the customer to their staff to introduce them to OfficeMaps. It includes a welcome statement and links to the login page, links to download the phone app, and links to the help center.

These resources are supplied in PDF and Word format which can be used as email attachments, and HTML format as a .txt file which can be copied into your business's chosen email software.

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