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OfficeMaps pricing is based on the number of people in your people directory, in lots of 100.

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per 100 people per month, billed monthly in USD
Cloud or self-hosted

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For businesses wanting a staff directory, floor maps and to see who sits where.



per 100 people per month billed monthly in USD
Cloud or self-hosted

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For businesses that need Essentials plus activity-based working, kiosks and powerful reporting.

Office Floor Plans



Map unlimited locations

Show the location of Assets and Pins

Assign People to Assets

Show Neighbourhoods

List desks currently available in each floor, building or city

Show the location of meeting rooms and spaces

View meeting room Outlook calendars

Drag and drop editing

Hide floors for planning

People Directory

Detailed People profiles, including skills, roles, reporting structure and picture

Add custom fields to People profiles

List people by Department, Location or selected profile fields

View People’s Outlook calendars

Skype for Business integration


Fast search for People, Assets or Pins

Filter search results by Location, Department or both

User Authentication

OfficeMaps username and password

Azure AD authentication

No-login Guest access for intranet and visitors

Active Directory authentication



People Administration

Import from Excel

Sync from Azure AD

Sync from Active Directory



Easy Access

Search bar Intranet Widget

Chrome Extension

Android/iOS Mobile App

People directory


Book a desk

Activity-Based Working

Temporary desk allocations

Make desks available when people away

Touch screen kiosk web app

No expensive proprietary hardware required

Check-in and check-out from mobile


Implementation and Support

Web browser based, no client software to install

Free onboarding training session

Email, chat and telephone support

Implementation & plan drawing services available

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