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Build detailed people profiles in a visual directory of your organisations’ greatest asset.

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Sometimes, the company org chart just doesn’t provide the detail needed to find the right person to get a job done. OfficeMaps provides a content rich visual directory that links the people, places and resources in your organisation to their physical location. Search by any criteria you need, such as skills, working days or availability.

  • Go beyond simple name, position and contact facts with detailed staff profiles
  • Navigate easily through both the organisation’s department structure and its locations
  • Visualise search results in an interactive floor plans
OfficeMaps helps you find your colleagues in the employee directory by skills, role or location
Build a detail rich profile of the skills in our organisation.

Build detailed staff profiles

Go beyond a simple directory containing only name and contact details by developing rich staff profiles including specific skills and roles, such as languages, industry experience or fire warden/first aid officer status. Profiles are completely configurable to record the details that add the most value for your business and can include social media accounts.

  • Visual indicators of where people sit and what days they work
  • Record skills and duties such as first aid officers or fire wardens
  • Add fields to record the information important to your organisation

Search staff profiles from every angle

Search profiles from every angle

With a detail rich visual directory, OfficeMaps makes it easier than ever to answer questions like “Who is the first-aid officer on this floor?” Drill down by location or organisation hierarchy, apply filters for specific profile fields, or use a flexible free text search.

  • Quickly find staff with particular skills or attributes
  • List all staff on a floor, a building or a region
  • Sort staff by skills and attributes

Navigate the OfficeMaps visual staff directory by organisation structure

Navigate your organisation

Visualise how your organisation is structured, both physically and hierarchically.

  • Browse the organisation’s department structure
  • See who works for who and which Departments they work in
  • Find where staff sit, the days they work and if they are available now

Check colleagues' availability in the OfficeMaps visual directory

Check Availability

With flexible work arrangements and part-time hours growing in popularity, OfficeMaps helps you know when colleagues are available and stop wasting time trying to contact colleagues who are not available.

  • See real availability right now – who is in the office, out of the office, working from home or on leave
  • Identify which days staff actually work
  • Check when people will return from leave

Create your visual directory with OfficeMaps

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