Office Mapping

Map workspaces to help staff see who and what is around them in an interactive office floor plan.

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Understanding your immediate work environment is at the foundation of a safe and productive workplace – whether it’s your first day on the job, or the thousand and first. Office mapping helps you visualise who and what is around you in an interactive office floor plan.

  • Browse through physical locations, building and floors
  • Find points of interest, like meeting rooms, printers or water coolers, in each location
  • Search the people and resources at each location
OfficeMaps interactive floor plan for each business location
Pin people and assets to their physical location on the floor plan

See who and what is around you

OfficeMaps is where the corporate directory and facility map meet, creating an interactive floor plan of people and resources available to the whole team.

  • Browse through physical locations, buildings and floors
  • See an interactive floor plan for each level
  • Find meeting rooms, desks, printers … or any pin you drop on your office map

OfficeMaps is scalable from a single site to multi-national organisations

Single site to multi-national operations

Customisable location tree suits smaller organisations with a single floor, larger organisations with offices in multiple cities right through to multi-nationals with multiple facilities across countries.

  • Map office space by country, region, city & site
  • Customise location types to match your business operations

Allocate and manage car parking spaces

Allocate car parks

When your work places extend beyond the four walls of the office, use OfficeMaps to allocate and manage car park spaces.

  • See a map of car parks
  • View and manage which staff use which parks
  • Add cars to the car park to see who uses each space

Start charting your workspaces with OfficeMaps

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