How to Implement Desk Hoteling for your Office

December 1, 2020
implement desk hoteling and hotdesking for your office with smart booking system software

As with any large organizational change, employees may carry some skepticism adjusting to an open office or desk hoteling workplace. Staff may hold concerns whether their workspace will be clean, where they can store their belongings, and how they'll be able to find their colleagues.

The following list provides useful advice for overcoming such employee concerns.

Communicate the broader business benefits

If you have a strong business case for why and how desk hoteling will benefit your company, it is important to help your employees understand that vision. When you have engaged and loyal staff who can picture how this change will achieve organizational objectives, they are more likely to receptive to such change. As an initiative that elicits numerous benefits –reducing coronavirus risk, allowing flexible work for employees and increasing collaboration and innovation – communicating such benefits will illustrate how the change will strengthen the company for everyone.

Focus on employee success

Even with a strong business case, there may still be some who are resistant to change. The answer? Demonstrate what's in it for the employees.

Invite your staff to be part of the process; when individuals and teams provide input into process changes – such as the redesign of the way they work – they acquire insight into the needs, the trade-offs and the benefits. This strategy heightens adoption rates and accountability.

One option to achieve this is through desk hoteling software. Employees are provided the ability to find and reserve their workstation on demand, a choice that makes them feel in control in uncertain times. Further, since facilities managers will be able to designate which spaces are safely distanced and are available to be reserved, employees will feel a sense of reassurance that their health and well-being are being prioritised.

Keep desktops clean and welcoming

Implementing desk hoteling software additionally provides visibility into which desks and rooms are being reserved, making it easier to organize cleaning and disinfecting the workspaces.

With the real estate saving that come from a hot desking arrangement, some funds can also be redirected into making the workspace more than clean – creating an attractive, fun environment by adding artwork, plants and other features will help employees enjoy their time in the office. Further, it will keep staff from claiming “their territory”  with personal items that make cleaning more difficult.

Provide up-to-date technology and cloud storage

Cloud document storage is fundamental for desk hoteling to be effective as it allows the staff to work from anywhere that they have anInternet connection. Cloud storage offers crucial flexibility which can mitigate loss of data whilst guarantees everyone has the most up-to-date version of documents like client proposals, training documents, office policies and procedures, statements of work, contracts, etc.

Additionally, investment in quality laptops and compatible monitors will be essential for employees transitioning between workspaces with ease.

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