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COVID-19 Safe Back to Work Guide

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covid 19 safe eguide office tool
Section 1:
Finding out your recommended occupancy
Section 2:
Developing your check-in procedures
Section 3:
Business continuity planning
Section 4:
Reporting and team support

Section 5:
Further reading

The OfficeMaps team understands that workplace evolution is far from a new concept. However, jumping into the deep end of this new decade has thrown a new spin on what one may describe as ‘fast-pace change’. Paired with the age of instant information, businesses globally are under enormous pressure to stay up to date with what will keep their people safe, happy, and healthy. 

Recognising COVID-19 as a public health crisis, and noting that some areas of the United States are reporting as many as 76% of outbreaks occurring in workplaces (with workplaces referring to non-health care, non-congregate-living, and noneducational settings), pressure is at an all-time high to ensure their employee's safety. This guide is designed to act as a tool for businesses to assist employers with strategic planning for providing safe workplaces.