Space Management

Knowing what space your workplace has available at a given time is a powerful tool in the efficient management of your company resources.

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Know what's available for effective space management

After mapping your office spaces, the next challenge becomes identifying when specific resources (like desks and meeting rooms) are available. OfficeMaps can help you tackle space management by identifying available capacity and coordinating access to shared spaces.

  • Find all available desks at a given location in real-time
  • Find meeting rooms by location or facilities
  • Facilitate desk sharing for flexible workers to maximise space utilisation
See which work spaces are available in each location

Search desk availability in real-time

Visitors from another office, contractors and consultants can be directed to available work space quickly when the office floor plan visually identifies vacant desks.

  • View all desks at any level of the location tree to see allocations and availability
  • Simple drag and drop interface helps administrators allocate people to available space
  • Make informed space management decisions by visualising utilisation on each floor plan

Use OfficeMaps to help you find meeting rooms with the capacity, facilities and location you need for your next team meeting.

Meeting room finder

OfficeMaps helps fill the gap between the calendaring system used to book meeting rooms, and all the location and facilities information you need to make informed choices.

  • Find the meeting room that’s right for you based on location, capacity and facilities.
  • Link through to in-house reservations system
  • Find booked meeting room locations to help you get to the right place on time

OfficeMaps offers a simple drag and drop interface to allocate people from the directory to available work spaces.

Manage space allocation

Transform cumbersome Excel spreadsheets and lists of people, assets and facilities by allocating them to a physical space and creating a map based view of company resources.

  • Drag and drop allocation of people, assets and facilities to their location on the map
  • Fully customisable facilities list to pin to floor plan locations

Start managing your business spaces with OfficeMaps

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