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Frequently Asked Questions

OfficeMaps is priced according to the number of people you intend to list in the directory, in increments of 100 people.

Each subscription is charged in advance. You can choose to subscribe on a month-to-month basis (a credit card will be required) or pay annually at a discount of 20%.

For full details, please see the OfficeMaps Terms of Service.

OfficeMaps defines a person for licensing purposes as any member of staff listed in your directory. This is not necessarily the same as each unique user name and password used to log in and work with OfficeMaps.

No, you can also send us a purchase order for an annual subscription and pay using your preferred method on receipt of invoice. Please contact us to request this payment option.

No, there is only one type of subscription providing access to the full range of features and functions.

There are no limitations in terms of number of assets, pins, or locations that can be listed in your visual directory. You can list as many People as you are licensed for within your subscription bracket. If you would like to subscribe for more than 2,000 People, please contact us for a customised quote.

We do not offer a 30-day free trial because OfficeMaps performs best when integrated with your Microsoft Active Directory, which can require some setting-up.

There are a number of other ways to experience OfficeMaps before purchasing your own subscription:

  • Watch the videos available throughout this site, or from our YouTube channel that illustrate many common OfficeMaps features and user experience;
  • Book a demonstration, delivered via a personalised 30-minute web conference; or
  • After seeing a demonstration, we are happy to provide access a fully functional demonstration site, pre-populated with data. Be aware that any new data you add to this demonstration facility will be viewable by others and will be reset on a regular basis.

You may cancel your OfficeMaps subscription at any time, but no money will be refunded for unused portions of your subscription.

When you choose to use OfficeMaps in the cloud, Radix Software applies industry standard technical and organisational measures designed to protect your data and prevent unauthorised access to, use and processing of your data. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest and is completely separate from all other organisations using the service. You are responsible for granting access to your OfficeMaps instance and retain control at all times over who can access your data and the functions they can perform.

Yes, OfficeMaps can be installed on your own server, either on your premises or in your own data centre.

The subscription is exactly the same whether you choose to host with us or not. However Implementation Services must be purchased when you choose to deploy in your own environment.

Our implementation team will work with your IT people to get OfficeMaps installed and working on your servers in preparation for you to get OfficeMaps configured. This service is delivered remotely in a timeframe that suits you.